Khadija Saye is one of the 30 victims from the London building fire. Before perishing in the flames, Saye was able to write one last post. Syrian refugee Mohammed Al Haj Ali made one last phone call from the 14th floor to his friend in Syria, asking him to say goodbye to his family.

The first two victims whose names have been published

The first two victims whose names have been published Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

Today (Friday), Queen Elizabeth visited Grenfell Tower in London, where an enormous fire claimed at least 30 lives, praising the bravery of the firefighters who worked at the scene. The queen noted the generosity of civilians who offered to help. The scope of the disaster is only now being discovered and it is estimated that the death toll could rise to 76. The names of the first victims were released along with their stories: 24-year-old Khadija Saye’s friend says that she wrote on her Facebook shortly before she passed away.

Khadija’s friends told Sky News that she did not survive the fire and that her body has been identified. She and her mother, whose fate is still unknown, were in Khadija’s apartment on the tower’s 20th floor when the fire broke out. A friend of the young artist said that the last time that she communicated was in a Facebook message at around 3:00 AM, as her phone was not working.

The second victim whose name was released was Mohammed Al Haj Ali, a refugee who fled from Syria in 2014 who was studying civil engineering. Mohammed was trying to leave his 14th floor apartment with his older brother when the fire broke out, but they parted and Mohammed returned to his apartment. While waiting for emergency services to arrive, he called a friend from Syria and talked to him for two hours. When the flames reached his apartment, he said goodbye to his friend and asked him to tell his family goodbye, as he was unable to reach them.