Longer than usual lines were reported at Ben-Gurion Airport’s border control area on Sunday as workers demonstrated their frustration over a serious shortage of border control employees. The flow of people leaving and entering Israel was also disrupted at Ovda Airport and the Taba border crossing.

Ben-Gurion Airport (archive)

Ben-Gurion Airport (archive) Photo Credit: Yossi Zamir/Flash 90

Border control officials at Ben-Gurion Airport, Ovda Airport and the Taba border crossing disrupted the flow of tourists, businesspeople and Israelis leaving and entering the country on Sunday. According to the officials, there is a shortage of about 200 border control employees and they took the actions in order to protest against the situation. They also warned that additional actions will be taken if the situation continues.

As of now, the actions being taken by the officials have resulted in slower security inspections for departing passengers and longer lines at passport control for arriving passengers. People are also complaining that the emergency passport service at Ben-Gurion Airport is slower due to the employees’ actions.