he Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said on Thursday they had registered a projectile launch from the Gaza Strip toward the Israeli territory and used the Iron Dome air defense system to intercept it.

“A projectile was launched from Gaza at Israel. The Iron Dome aerial defense system launched one interceptor towards the projectile,” the IDF wrote on Twitter.


The Israeli military has repeatedly reported about projectiles fired by the Palestinians on its territory. In the most recent case last week, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) attacked 20 targets in the Gaza Strip in response to the Palestinian rocket shelling on Israel’s southern city of Be’er Sheva and the metropolitan area of Gush Dan.

The Israeli-Palestinian relations have long been tense over their territorial conflict, with Palestine seeking diplomatic recognition for their independent state on the territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

In late March, the situation saw a further deterioration, as Palestinians launched protest campaigns at the Gaza border, which prompted violent clashes between the protesters and the Israeli security forces. The Palestinian Health Ministry estimates the number of Palestinian fatalities at over 200 people since March.

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