It was announced on Sunday that New Zealand pop singer Lorde has decided to cancel her show in Israel, which was scheduled for June 2018. Lorde came under pressure from BDS supporters and fans after she announced that she will be performing in Tel Aviv.


Lorde Photo Credit: Reuters/Israel News Company

Amid the pressure from anti-Israel groups, New Zealand pop singer Lorde canceled on Sunday her summer concert in Israel. “Unfortunately, we must announce the cancelation of Lorde’s concert, which was scheduled for June in Israel,” concert producer Naranjah said in a statement.

Naranjah added that fans who had already purchased tickets for the show would get their money back within 14 business days. “Regarding the circumstances that led to the cancelation, Lorde will soon release a message on Twitter,” Naranjah added. The singer has yet to post such a message on the social media site.

After the news of her concert in Israel emerged, the 21-year-old singer was bombarded with messages on social media from BDS supporters, who urged her to cancel the show. Last week, she responded to the criticism, which included an open letter to her from her BDS supporting fans.

“Noted!” Lorde wrote, responding to a tweet to which the open letter was attached. Before she thanked her fans for “educating” her, she said that she has been discussing the matter with people and is “considering all options.”