Rabbi Philip Berg

Despite last minute uncertainty due to contract terms, Madonna will perform in tomorrow’s Eurovision grand final in Tel Aviv.

Madonna is an avid follower of the Kabbalah, which in Jewish tradition is the mystical and allegorical interpretation system of the Old Testament.

During an interview with the Independent, Madonna said, “I don’t affiliate myself with any specific religious group. I connect to different ritualistic aspects of different belief systems, and I see the connecting thread between all religious beliefs. I have not converted to Judaism.”

I’ve studied Kabbalah, as you know, for many years, so there are a lot of things I do that one would associate with practicing Judaism. I hear the Torah every Saturday. I observe Shabbat. I say certain prayers. My son was bar mitzvahed. So this appears like I’m Jewish, but these rituals are connected to what I describe as the Tree of Life consciousness and have more to do with the idea of being an Israelite, not Jewish,” she said

During her stay here the legendary diva will be visiting the grave of Rabbi Philip Berg, the founder of the Kabbalah Center in 1969. Rabbi Berg was a world-famous and controversial rabbi who repackaged the Kabbalah for the general public and encouraged Jews and Non-Jews alike to incorporate the ancient teachings into their lives.

Not only was Rabbi Berg’s teachings an inspiration to Maddona but also other famous celebrities such as actors Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, and pop star Britney Spears

This will not be Madonna’s 1st time performing in Israel. The artist has performed several concerts in the country throughout her career. In 2012 she performed in Ramat Gan and during the concert gave a special message for peace in Israel. In 2009 she climbed the stage wrapped in an Israeli flag.