During the highly anticipated concert by American singer, Madonna at the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest, two of her dancers bore the Israeli and Palestinian flags in a symbolic political message.

The Queen of Pop, in the company of rapper Quavo, was performing the song ‘Future’ from her new album Madame X, when two dancers hand in hand walked towards the duo with their backs to the crowd.

One dancer, dressed in a white outfit wore a small Palestinian flag on her back, and her companion other dancer dressed in black wore the Israeli flag his back. When they reached the top of the stairs both flags made their separate ways, followed by Madonna and Quavo ”falling” off the stage, after which a message ”Wake Up” light up behind them.

Eurovision has released a statement saying that Madonna was warned of the non-political nature of the event and that no one in the production knew about the flags until the concert started.

“In the live broadcast of the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest contest, two of Madonna’s dancers briefly unfurled Israeli and Palestinian flags in their costumes. This element is an act that was not part of the rehearsals which were clarified by the European Broadcasting Union and host broadcaster Kan. Eurovision is a non-political event and Madonna was warned of this,” reads the statement.

It was clearly a message for unity that was hinted at before when she told one of the presenters before her performance ”to not underestimate music as a factor in bringing people together”, and urged the audience to chant a line from one of her 2000 hits: “Music, makes the people come together, yeah”.