A Shfar’am man was charged with terrorism on Thursday after running over soldiers and a policeman on March 4, 2018. The authorities believe nationalistic motives were behind the attack.

Security forces at site of car-ramming

Security forces at site of car-ramming Photo credit: Meir Vaknin/Flash90

An Arab-Israeli was charged on Thursday with carrying out a car-ramming attack in which several Israeli servicemen were injured in Acre earlier this month. Earlier this week, JOL reported that police were deliberating whether the incident was a terror attack or a mere traffic accident. The defendant’s lawyer continued to claim this morning that his client did not intentionally hit the servicemen.

The man, who injured four soldiers and a border police officer, stated that he has no connection to any terror organization. According to his lawyer, the defendant “maintains that this was not a terrorist attack on a nationalistic background, but an accident, as he stated during his interrogation.”

According to the indictment, police gave him a ticket for blocking a pedestrian crossing with his car. As a response, he “got out of the car and expressed his indignation” before returning to his car angrily. The indictment also states that “after receiving the ticket, the defendant noticed the officer looking at him and decided to kill the soldiers by running them over with his vehicle out of nationalist and ideological motives.”

“The defendant began driving and when he noticed a soldier crossing the street, he verged the vehicle towards the soldier, injuring him, with the intention of killing him,” the indictment continues. “The defendant continued to drive fast with the intent to kill more soldiers and severely injured three soldiers and attempted to injure two others.”

During the incident, the suspect was shot and injured by security personnel who proceeded to arrest him. He was then taken to the Nahariya hospital for treatment. The driver told investigators that he wished a speedy recovery for those injured and claimed that he did not intend to run them over.