30 years after his passing, Jerusalem Publishing Atelier gathered 12 special pictures of Marc Chagall in Israel in order to honor the world-renowned artist who had a fond love for Jerusalem. The “Chagall in Israel” collection includes pictures of the legendary artist working on great masterpieces such as the stained glass windows project at Hebrew University’s Hadassah Medical Center.

Marc Chagall at the Knesset

Marc Chagall at the Knesset Photo Credit: Jerusalem Publishing Atelier

The “Chagall in Israel” collection created by Jerusalem Publishing Atelier consists of 12 pictures that document the legendary artist’s journey in Israel in the 1960s and 1970s. The collection of the 12 pictures that have never been released together as a series was put together in order to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Chagall’s passing.

Chagall first visited the area of modern-day Israel in 1931. During his two-month visit, Chagall traveled a great deal. His second visit was in 1951 and third in 1957. Chagall couldn’t stay away for long, as he returned to Israel in 1962 for the inauguration of his iconic 12 stained-glass windows for the synagogue of the Hebrew University’s Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem.

“All the time I was working, I felt my mother and father looking over my shoulder; and behind them were Jews, millions of other vanished Jews — of yesterday and a thousand years ago,” Chagall said in regards to this project.

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Chagall returned to Israel just a year later in order to discuss the iconographic themes for a large-scale decoration for the new Knesset building. Kadish Luz, the then-Speaker of the Knesset, requested that Chagall provide the artwork for the future, permanent Knesset building. Luz proposed that he create murals or works of stained glass, similar to the work he did in the Hadassah Hospital. Chagall, however, wanted to try to create tapestries even though he had never done so before. Luz agreed and provided him with passages from the Bible that Chagall worked into his drawings. In 1969, Chagall completed this project.

Chagall’s last visit was in October 1977, when he was 90 years old. During this final trip he accepted two prestigious honors, an honorary doctorate from the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Worthy of Jerusalem title from the city of Jerusalem.

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