Three weeks after hundreds of Palestinian prisoners started a hunger strike, the leader of the strike Marwan Barghouti is filmed eating in his cell.

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Two days following a letter published by Marwan Barghouti, supporting the security prisoners on a hunger strike, live footage of the leader of the strike shows that he himself does not follow the terms of the strike. In the footage, Marwan Barghouti is seen eating candy bars in the toilet of his cell.

Barghouti was filmed twice secretly eating and in one of those times, he is seen eating salt powder in an attempt to strengthen his body, something that is forbidden to the other prisoners who are on strike.

The Israel Prison Service did not publish how the cookies and candy bar seen eaten by Barghouti reached him in his cell.

“The hunger strike is not about the condition of the prisoners’ detention but only about Marwan Barghouti’s very own political interests following the post-Abu Mazen period,” Gilad Erdan, Israel’s Public Security Minister, stated.

“Exactly as he cynically and evilly done before as he took advantage of Palestinians by sending them off to commit terror attacks and murders, even here in prison, he takes advantage of terrorists by asking them to follow his lead in a hunger strike, on which they are and will pay a heavy toll, while he himself is not willing to follow the same norms and terms of a hunger strike,” Minister Erdan added.

According to the Israeli Prison Service, the sanctions placed on the prisoners have been extended and will remain in place in the months after the strike, with more than 350 prisoners transferred to different cell blocks or prisons, and fines of between 500-1500 NIS placed on the prisoners on strike.

Three health centers were opened in three prisons in order to feed prisoners that will require medical treatment. Minister Erdan explained that in this situation, there is no need to transfer the prisoners to a hospital, as these medical centers in the prisons should satisfy the legal requirements. The minster also added that the Prime Minister requested that the Ministry of Health will examine the proposal to bring doctors from abroad to force-feed prisoners on strike in life-risking-cases.