The remains of over 3,000 drug cartel victims were found in a mass grave in northern Mexico recently. The bodies were apparently placed in acid before the criminals burned them and then cut them into small pieces with shovels.

The remains

The remains Photo Credit: Mexican TV/Channel 2 News

An anonymous tip recently led to the discovery of a mass grave containing the remains of at least 3,000 people in northern Mexico. In the area, turf wars between the Sinaloa Cartel and Los Zetas crime group have been raging. The remains indicate that the bodies were covered in acid, burned and then cut into small pieces with shovels.

Activists from Victims for their Rights in Action (Vida), an organization that helps find people who have disappeared due to the cartel wars, arrived at the scene after receiving information about an “extermination center” where crime organizations bury their victims.

Near the mass grave

Near the mass grave Photo Credit: Mexican TV/Channel 2 News

According to one of the activists, the number of victims is much higher than 3,000. “It’s just that no organized search has been conducted because the government has yet to decide,” he added. Vida spokesperson Silvia Ortiz, who last saw her missing daughter in November 2004 when she was 16, also participated in the unofficial search.

Since 2015, when Vida was founded, more than 90,000 bodies of drug cartel victims have been discovered in over 40 areas throughout Mexico.