Thousands are marching in Tehran this morning (Friday) to celebrate the 38th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani as well as many senior level government officials participated in the march. Participants were encouraged to hold posters that read, “Iranians are not afraid of threats.”

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Thousands of people marched in Iran this morning (Friday) to commemorate the 38th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. Senior level officials participated in the march in Tehran, including Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. The parade included many banners and provocative exhibits about the growing tensions between the country and the US government and US President Donald Trump.

Participants in the march were invited to step on pictures of Trump, which were laid on the ground next to US and Israeli flags. Many distributed posters which read, “Iranians are not afraid of threats” and “Daesh [Isis] – American Heritage.”

Thousands march in Tehran this morning (Friday)

Thousands march in Tehran this morning (Friday) Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The Iranian government called on its citizens to participate in the march in light of the increasing mutual threats made by the Islamic Republic and the Trump administration. This follows an announcement by the White House that it would impose sanctions on Iran due to the recent missile tests.

The intended sanctions are not expected to harm the nuclear deal signed by world powers with Iran. Reuters reported that eight Iranian entities are to be sanctioned because of terrorist-related activity and another 17 for ballistic missile-related activity.