The most iconic line from the Fiddler on the Roof is no longer a fictional line at the Technion American Medical School in Haifa.

Ellery & Jeffrey

Ellery & Jeffrey

If you haven’t heard of TeAMS (as it’s fondly known amongst its students), it’s a program which brings together like-minded med students who are drawn to Israel and the esteemed reputation of the Technion University. After completing their medical school curriculum, graduates are guaranteed to be perfectly matched to their residencies, and as it turns out, some are matched perfectly with their soul mates as well.

On an educational level, the Technion American Medical School is celebrated for its dual focus on research and clinical studies with an emphasis on shadowing top researchers and practitioners. In addition to the superior education that they receive, students greatly benefit from this kind of firsthand experience, gaining invaluable insight into the world of medicine. This approach has a proven track record, often influencing the student’s medical future, becoming a deciding factor in attaining a choice placement, which in med school jargon, is called “matching.”

A lesser-known perk of the program is that it seems to have a knack for matching students with each other.

Yenta would be leaping for joy.

Become a doctor and marry a dream doctor? She might say it sounds too good to be true.

Perhaps it’s the fact that these students travel from around the world to study on the Mediterranean coast. Perhaps it is due to the intimate size of the program that nurtures real friendships and support systems, or that the beautiful city, wonderful university environment and generally easy going attitude of Israeli society allows for more personal discovery. Whatever it is, the Technion American Medical School has seen several of its students pair up and get married as they move on to their residencies.

Six couples have gotten together through TeAMS over the last few years, and in the spirit of romance, we’re showcasing two engaged couples, both of whom were happy to share their stories while anticipating the big day.

These heartwarming tales are just what the doctor ordered.

Say mazal tov to Jackie and Jesse!

Jackie Schulman, from Stockholm, Sweden, and Jesse Soloman from Toronto, Canada, met on the first day of classes at TeAMS in 2016. Both sat at the front of the class and quickly bonded over their shared passion for medicine. They both discovered they loved board games, food and travel, and their friendship grew. After ending up in the same clinical group in their third year, they began dating, supporting each other through the tough world of patient care. They were lucky enough to get their first choice residencies, which sadly were in different cities, Jackie in Baltimore, then Boston and Jesse in Pittsburgh. For some, a long distance relationship would prove a strain but theirs was only strengthened. Encouraging each other and supporting each other through their journey to becoming doctors solidified their beautiful partnership. They recently got engaged and we wish them a happy and successful future.

Jackie & Jesse

Jackie & Jesse

Raise your glass in a L’chaim for Ellery and Jeffrey:

Jeff Berinstein from Toronto, Canada, and Ellery Greenberg from New Jersey, USA, met at a little store on campus in 2015, both recognizing English speakers struggling on their beginners Hebrew which they had yet to learn from Ulpan. Jeff was looking for his new dorm and rescuing him, Ellery pointed him in the right direction. A friendship began and they spent the summer learning Hebrew together and exploring the beautiful sites Israel has to offer. Their blossoming connection fused into a relationship full of movie nights, Jeffrey’s cooking and trips around Israel, their temporary home while at med school. The rest, as they say, was history.

Jeff and Ellery will be tying the knot in September 2018.

The program director is proud of this extra accomplishment, noting how nice it is to be able to help students secure both their professional and personal futures.

“Everyone wants their child to succeed both professionally and personally. We’ve seemed to manage two for the price of one,” says Dr. Robert Lubin, Managing Director of the TeAMS program.

Now if that’s not the definition of a good matchmaking, we don’t know what is.