British Prime Minister Theresa May signed the document that officially launches the Brexit process, which will be delivered to the European Council president shortly after noon today. Once the document is delivered, the two-year period of negotiations will officially begin.

May signing the document

May signing the document Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

British Prime Minister Theresa May has signed the document that officially invokes Article 50, launching the Brexit process.

The document that she signed formally states that Britain intends to leave the EU in accordance with the results of the June 2016 referendum. The document will be handed over to European Council President Donald Tusk at 12:30 PM today (Wednesday) while May delivers a speech in front of British lawmakers.

During the speech, May is expected to call on the British nation to unite after the dramatic decision to leave the EU was made. EU member states will have to come up with a new strategy in light of Britain’s decision and in May, the negotiations regarding Britain’s exit will begin. However, the document that will be presented to Tusk today officially kicks off the countdown of the two-year period of negotiations allotted to the sides in the EU constitution.

Meanwhile, May will need to deal with problems within the UK after the referendum led to a serious split between citizens. While Wales and England expressed their desire to leave the EU, most of the voters in Northern Ireland and Scotland wanted to stay. Due to this issue, Northern Ireland and Scotland have stated that they might want to leave the UK. Yesterday, May suffered a political blow when the Scottish Parliament decided to support the call for another referendum regarding the issue.