Thanks to a special Magen David Adom program, Oded’s father was able to watch his son graduate from the IDF officer’s training course.

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When the Wish Mobile arrived at Moshav Magshimim, Oded and Dalit could not stop their tears of joy.

30 years ago, Oded finished the officer’s course in the IDF and today, he will fulfill a wish to return to the base and witness his son finish the officers’ training course. His wife, Dalit was very emotional, “I was here 30 years ago when Oded graduated. It’s very emotional for me.” 

6 years ago, Oded was diagnosed with MS. Bringing him to the ceremony is a very complicated operation. His sister added, “It was clear for anyone who knows Oded that he would make it here somehow.”

After a 2 hour ride, Oded is placed in the front row where he can see his son who serves in the Nahal Brigade. As soon as the ceremony is over, Roi runs to his father in excitement. “I’m here because of my father,” he says. “I’m following his path.”

All of this was possible thanks to a special program of the Magen David Adom ambulance service. Boaz Malkah, a paramedic explains, “This way, the family doesn’t feel that they are alone. This also helps me feel the unity in our people which we really need right now.”  Dalit adds, “They are absolute angels. They make people’s dreams come true.”