Senior Hamas member Imad al-Alami has succumbed to his wounds from a gunshot to the head three weeks ago. Al-Alami is to be buried Tuesday in Gaza. Al-Alami was a representative of Hamas having served in Iran, Syria and Gaza.

Hamas terrorists in Gaza

Hamas terrorists in Gaza Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

On Tuesday, it was announced that Hamas member Imad al-Alami died of his wounds from accidentally shooting himself in the head three weeks ago. The incident took place on January 9, leaving him in critical condition. Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum stated that al-Alami injured himself while checking his weapon.

The organization has yet to comment on the specifics of the incident. Another Hamas spokesperson confirmed the death of al-Alami from Shifa Hospital in Gaza. The funeral is expected to be Tuesday evening in Gaza, where al-Alami was born.

Al-Alami was a key player in Hamas and played a major role in strengthening Iran and Gaza relations. He lived in Tehran and served as Hamas’ main representative. Al-Alami later lived in Syria until he fled to Gaza in 2012, escaping the Syrian civil war. He was also injured during the 2014 war when his home was targeted by Israeli forces. In light of his injuries, one of his legs was amputated in Turkey.

Al-Alami was deported from Gaza in 1991 by Israeli forces for terror activity. Al-Alami was also known for staying out of the media spotlight by not participating in press conferences or engaging in social media.