Israeli President Reuven Rivilin spoke in memory of the one year anniversary since the passing of the late Shimon Peres, stating that for the former Israeli president, “peace and security were two sides of the same coin.” According to Rivlin, all Israelis must cherish the security developments Peres led, calling him a “visionary leader.”

Rivlin at today’s memorial service

Rivlin at today’s memorial service Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

On the first anniversary since the late Shimon Peres’s death, who served both as the 9th Israeli President and the 8th Israeli Prime Minister, incumbent Israeli President Reuven Rivlin stated today (Thursday) that the peace for which Peres fought is still far away. “What Shimon taught us was that the world around us could be a friend and not simply a predator and that security and peace are two sides of the very same coin,” Rivlin said during his speech at the Israeli State Memorial Service held at Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl Cemetery. Peres’s relatives and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair also attended the service.

“There is no Israeli who doesn’t owe you for your contribution to national security and above all, the construction of the research complex in Dimona, the complex that bears your name,” Rivlin added describing Peres’s immense actions. According to Rivlin, Peres was “a visionary leader who foresaw the future.”

“You never parted from your daring beliefs and from the belief in boldness, two word combinations with which you eulogized your educator and teacher David Ben Gurion,” Rivlin said. “Words that aptly describe you, as much as they do him, your path to achievements, the incredible passion in your eyes, and your clear and confident knowledge that history is recorded by those who know how to imagine the horizon even inside a closed room.”