German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke ahead of the new year and stated that her government will improve security. Merkel also stated that European countries need to think about how they can work together in order to create a better future.

Chancellor Merkel

Chancellor Merkel Photo Credit: Reuters\Channel 2 News

During her speech today (Saturday) ahead of the new year, German Chancellor Angela Merkel addressed Germany’s citizens and stated that Islamist terrorism is her country’s biggest challenge. She added that the government will improve security measures following the truck attack in Berlin two weeks ago.

Merkel referred to the dramatic events of the last year and said that many believe that the world was turned “upside down” during 2016. She also stated that many people have started questioning the efficiency of the European Union and the Germany parliamentary democracy.

Merkel also addressed the EU saying, “Europe should focus on what can really be better than the national state.”