Angela Merkel has been elected by the parliament as Germany’s chancellor and will begin her fourth term nearly six months after the national election, ending the coalition crisis.

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel Photo Credit: European People’s Party/Wikipedia

Almost six months since the election in Germany, Angela Merkel has been officially voted in as the country’s chancellor and will serve a fourth term as the prolonged coalition crisis came to an end. In a parliament vote on Wednesday morning, more than 50% of Berlin’s Bundestag’s voted in her favor.  

At the end of a long political limbo, Merkel’s conservative Christian Democrats party has finally reached an agreement with the Social Democratic Party, in a union that was described as “not a love marriage,” but a political necessity. In a statement on Monday, Merkel said the new government would focus on the country’s immigration issues.

In November, the newly re-elected Merkel faced the prospect of another election when the Free Democratic Party (FDP) unexpectedly pulled out of the coalition. In the September election, the Christian Democrats significantly lost their momentum, while the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) became the third biggest party in the Bundestag after it won 13% of the votes.