Members of the German conservative party revealed that the party’s leader, Chancellor Angela Merkel, plans on seeking a 4th term. Later today, Merkel is supposed to officially announce her decision in a press conference she is organizing.


Merkel Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

German Chancellor Angela Merkel informed today (Sunday) her party members that she intends to seek a 4th term. Merkel is coming up on her 11th year in office, with the next election expected sometime in 2017.

Merkel is head of the conservative party and considered the stabilizing factor in Europe in light of Brexit. She is expected to hold a press conference later today during which she will officially declare her decision.

Up until now, Merkel hasn’t shown any indication about her plans for the future of her political career but members of her party have assumed over the last few weeks that she will run again. Elmar Brok, a European Union legislator, said in an interview to a local newspaper: “Everyone knew she would put herself forward again as a candidate, there were no other nominees.”

According to a poll recently published in a German newspaper, Merkel has a vast majority of local voters with 55% of German citizens wanting Merkel to remain in office and only 39% objecting. However, the fact that Merkel ordered Germany to open its borders for immigration has outraged many voters.