Nine journalists and activists from Mexico are suing the government who they claim spied on them. Allegedly, the government planted Israeli spyware, purchased for use against terrorists and criminals, in the journalists’ cellphones.

Photo Credit: Rafael Ben Ari/123RF

A group of journalists and activists in Mexico claim that the government is utilizing Israeli spyware in order to hack into their cellphones and follow them. The group sued the government, claiming that the tracking is illegal. The nine are journalists who wrote articles about corruption affairs within the government and the activists investigated human rights violations in Mexico.

The group claimed that at least 76 instances of advanced spyware use occurred on their cellphones and on their family and friends’ cellphones. Following the initial report regarding the accusations in the New York Times, the Mexican government stated that it “categorically denies that any of its members engages in surveillance or communications operations against defenders of human rights, journalists, anti-corruption activists or any other person without prior judicial authorization.”