The Secretary of Citizen Security of Mexico City, Jesús Orta Martínez, has confirmed that two Israelis were shot dead in a restaurant in Plaza Artz Pedregal, south of the capital of the Latin American country.

Authorities are reportedly investigating the incident as a “crime of passion,” but other motives are not ruled out. The attacker, who was arrested shortly after the incident, was identified as Esperanza Gutiérrez Rojano. According to local media, Rojano told the police that she met one of the victims through Facebook but then discovered that he was cheating on her.  So she bought a gun and hired two accomplices.

The dead Israelis were identified as Alon Azulay, 40, who had a temporary permit to work in Mexico until March 2022, and Ben Schoti, whose details are unknown.

There are reports that both Azulay and Schoti were involved in the underbelly of Mexico’s crime scene.