Israel’s aid mission to Mexico mobilized in response to the devastating earthquake that struck Mexico City several days ago was honored today, along with all international aid delegations, in a ceremony held by the Mexican Foreign Ministry. Mexico’s Foreign Minister commended the Israeli’s rapid response during Rosh Hashana and requested that they stay longer.

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Mexico’s Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray Caso held a ceremony yesterday (Monday) honoring the international delegations that have provided help after Mexico’s devastating earthquake. The event was led by his deputies and the head of the UN delegation in Mexico.

The minister met with each and every delegation at the event. Israel Ambassador to Mexico Yonatan Peled, and the commander of the Israeli aid mission welcomed the Mexican official, as he met with the Israeli delegation. The minister elaborated on and spoke of his appreciation for Israel’s rapid mobilization, especially considering that the delegation’s work was done during Rosh Hashana. He also spoke of his conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and personally thanked each member of the mission.

Mexico's Foreign Minister (center) with heads of Israel's mission to Mexico

Mexico’s Foreign Minister (center) with heads of Israel’s mission to Mexico Photo Credit: Israeli Foreign Ministry/ Channel 2 News

At the end of the ceremony, the Israeli Ambassador and the head of mission were asked to speak with the minister separately, during which he requested that the Israeli mission continue its work in the main building in the Alvaro Obregon municipality of Mexico City. The Israeli mission has commented that the request is being assessed.

Israel’s aid mission, named the “Shofar’s Call to the Distance”, includes about 70 soldiers and officers of both regular and reserve duty, from the Israeli Home Front Command and the Israeli Air Force. In addition to search and rescue personnel, the mission includes engineering experts who evaluate damaged infrastructure and provide engineering assistance throughout the destruction.