Mexico suffered another massive earthquake on Friday. The 7.2-magnitude earthquake was originally classified as a 7.5 by the US Geological Survey. In September, Mexico suffered back-to-back earthquakes that killed several hundred people.

Damage in Chiapas, Mexico from 2017

Damage in Chiapas, Mexico from 2017 Photo Credit: Presidencia de la República Mexicana/ WikiCommons

On Friday, Southern Mexico suffered another massive earthquake. The 7.2-magnitude quake’s epicenter was in Oaxaca, along Mexico’s western coast, and was felt through Mexico City. The US Geological Survey initially announced a magnitude of 7.5. The quake had a depth of 26.7 miles, reaching Guatemala.

Footage from Oaxaca showed buildings swaying for nearly a minute as an alarm blasted through the streets. Television reports also showed thousands of people in the streets celebrating the Chinese New Year prior to the quake.

The Mexican government urged people to remain outdoors in fear that homes and buildings may collapse. Mexican government officials asked on Twitter that citizens check gas, electrical lightings and water pipes for possible damages. No casualties have been reported yet.

Watch: The 7.2-magnitude earthquake in Mexico

In September, Mexico suffered two massive earthquakes that caused damage and poor air quality throughout the country due to collapsed buildings. Over 300 people were killed in the September earthquakes.