Several powerful explosions were heard at the Mezzeh Military Airport south of Damascus. It is an important airport utilized by the elite and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. The Syrian Army alleged that Israel was responsible for the attack.

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A number of powerful explosions were heard last night in the Mezzeh Military Airport south of Damascus. Eye-witnesses reported that ambulances rushed to the area. This airport that is located in the south-eastern part of the city is the most strategically located base that is in use mainly by the elite and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, whose job is to defend Syrian government institutions and personnel. In the past, it was utilized in order to launch rockets at rebels in the outskirts of the city.

The cause of the explosions is not clear although the Syrian regime blames Israel for the attack. A senior level official in the Syrian Military warned Tel Aviv of “the expected consequences” following the “outrageous attack.” Syrian TV quoted a senior level official as claiming that missiles were fired from a base in the Lake Kinneret area shortly after midnight.

The Syrian Military did not report whether or not the attack caused causalities but documentation from the area shows that a fire broke out at the airport. Israel has fired in the past at Hezbollah targets in Syria. This Lebanese terror group backed by Iran has been fighting alongside the Syrian regime during the civil war within the country. Israel is deeply concerned that Hezbollah is gaining experience in Syria that can be utilized against Israel in the future.

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