While president US President Donald Trump is away from Washington, his former National Security Adviser refused to comply with a subpoena and invoked his Fifth Amendment rights regarding the investigation into the Russian communications.


Flynn Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, whose investigation Trump tried to stop, announced that he plans on invoking his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination and won’t comply with a Senate Intelligence Committee subpoena requesting documents related to his communications with Russian officials.

It is suspected that the documents could shed light on his communications with the Russian ambassador during the presidential campaign and many are wondering why he is refusing to reveal them. The Associated Press was the first to report that Flynn does not intend to comply with the subpoena and provide the required documents.

AP also quoted legal experts who have said that Flynn is unlikely to turn over the personal documents without immunity because he would be waiving some of his constitutional protections by doing so. Flynn previously sought immunity from “unfair prosecution” in exchange for his cooperation with the committee.

Last week, a memo released by former Director of the FBI James Comey was published. In the memo, Comey said that Trump requested that the investigation regarding Flynn’s communications with Russian officials be stopped. This request raised questions regarding Trump possibly obstructing justice.