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International Reporters Cover Operation POD


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Published On: Dec 02, 2012

An hour after the Tel Aviv bus bombing, and city streets are full of reporters from around the world

Raul is a correspondent for a Dutch channel. He just returned from covering Gaza. Raul witnessed countless Israeli strikes on Gaza, including one which killed 12 members of a single family.  75foreign journalists crossed over from Gaza into Israel following Operation Pillar of Defense.  Claudio, an Italian journalist, has been shuttling from the south of Israel to Gaza.  

Claudio knows that up until a couple of weeks ago, few around the world were interested in the rockets hitting southern Israel.   Earlier, Claudio interviewed Israelis fleeing the rockets in southern Israel.  Unlike Operation Cast Lead when there were few foreign journalists in Gaza, this time access was easier. Aryeh, from Israel’s government press office, escorts the journalists to the border crossing.

In the meantime, Ben from the BBC, broadcasts live from Sderot.  The Israeli police force even has a spokesperson in Arabic for the Arab world.  Raul puts together the material from Ashkelon together with material from Gaza.  

At a kibbutz on the Israeli side of the Gaza border, Israel’s government press office holds a tour for foreign journalists. Following a play by children from the kibbutz about life in the shadow of constant rocket fire, they see an artwork that Rafi has created from rocket shells that have fallen on the kibbutz.   BBC correspondent Ben Brown arrives at a house in Ashkelon directly hit by a rocket.    

Following the terror attack on the Tel Aviv bus, reporters make their way from Ashkelon to Tel Aviv.  His colleague in Gaza, Jon Donnison, tweeted a picture of a girl killed in Syria as if it had happened in Gaza.  The 500 or so foreign journalists didn’t know that there would be a ceasefire declared that same evening.  Reporters are already thinking about their next visit to Israel.  

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