Arnon Milchan’s personal aide’s testimony in the Netanyahu Gifts Affair points to the Netanyahus as having specifically requested the gifts they received from the Israeli billionaire. However, reports indicate that according to the testimony, no apparent quid pro quo existed between the two parties.

Milchan (left) and Netanyahu (right)

Milchan (left) and Netanyahu (right) Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s latest meeting with investigators dealt primarily with the Netanyahu Gift’s Affair. During the questioning, he was confronted with new testimonies that have been collected throughout the investigation. Tonight (Monday), Channel 2 News reported details of testimony given by Arnon Milchan’s personal aide and adviser Hadas Klein, which detectives believe to be highly credible, though Klein herself is not under any suspicion.

In her testimony, Klein described the number of champagne bottles Milchan provided at Sara Netanyahu’s request using words such as “supplies,” “costs” and “quantities,” which seem unusual when describing a gift exchange among friends. However, Milchan’s aide did not describe any compensation he may have received in exchange for the supplies he provided, making it difficult for investigators to establish a quid pro quo.

“Sara would ask for bottles in boxes of six or 12 bottles of champagne. Bibi would request cigars and was aware of the amount of champagne his wife received,” Klein testified, describing the manner in which gifts were requested and brought to the Prime Minister’s official residence.

Sara Netanyahu

Sara Netanyahu Photo Credit: Hadas Parush, Flash90/Channel 2 News

Klein also referred to complexities involving Sara Netanyahu, stating that Sara was afraid of being eavesdropped on and as a result would only make requests via a landline or in person. Netanyahu responded to reports of Klein’s testimony, claiming that his wife “acted in accordance with the law and therefore, there will be nothing.”

Klein’s communications adviser refused to confirm or deny the details of the testimony since the investigation is still underway.