The Israeli businessman denied allegations that he asked the Prime Minister to promote his personal issues in exchange for sending him costly gifts.

Photo credit: Flash 90/Channel 2 News

US-based Israeli businessman Arnon Milchan has told police he did not expect anything in return from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for gifts he sent him. Milchan said the gifts were given as part of his long-lasting friendship with Netanyahu and his wife, Sara.

Milchan admitted to approaching Netanyahu for assistance regarding his US visa application, but said the issue was under Netanyahu’s authority in any case, and that he did not expect any special treatment.

Law enforcement officials described Milchan’s testimony as “positive” and even “better than expected.” Milchan has agreed to testify in court about the costly gifts he sent Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu on a regular basis.

“We will not harm him,” one official was quoted as saying.

Haaretz has recently reported that Milchan was questioned under caution in London last week for suspected bribery.