The investigation of the 18-year-old suspect who made bomb threats to dozens of Jewish centers around the world indicates that he acted in a premeditated and intelligent manner utilizing a darknet. He allegedly provided services such as forging different documents for people whose identities are unknown as a darknet was utilized. His clients paid him millions of shekels on Bitcoin.

The suspect at his court hearing last week

The suspect at his court hearing last week Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Today (Thursday), the Rishon LeZion Magistrate Court lengthened by 13 days the detention of the Israeli who is suspected of making bomb threats on Jewish centers around the world and was wanted by the FBI. Allegedly, the suspect’s actions were financially motivated and he utilized a darknet in order to communicate with customers who ordered his services. In his Bitcoin accounts, funds reaching several million shekels were found.

The investigation also suggests that besides the fact that the suspect established a business that swept in millions, he also committed crimes such as drug dealing and identification and document forgery. “The suspect’s actions not only caused financial damage, but also constituted a real mortal danger,” the judge determined at the suspect’s hearing.

An Israel Police representative stated during the court hearing that in all of the years that he has served in the police force, he has never encountered criminal activities of this size on open and hidden internet networks. The investigation discovered that throughout the past few years, the suspect conducted 2,345 bomb threats towards institutes and other entities throughout the world and Israel.