A Bahraini prince in apparently in Israel and set to visit the Knesset tomorrow, according to Israeli Communications Minister Ayoob Kara. The Likud minister tweeted a picture of himself with the Bahraini royal and said that they have already discussed improving their countries’ relationship.

Kara and the so-called Bahraini royal

Kara and the so-called Bahraini royal Photo Credit: Twitter screenshot

Israeli Communications Minister Ayoob Kara claimed on Sunday that he has met with a Bahraini prince in Tel Aviv. In a tweet that was accompanied by a picture of the two, Kara said that they discussed improving Israel’s relationship with the Arab kingdom.

“I met publicly for the first time with Mubarak Al Khalifa- the prince of Bahrain,” he wrote in the tweet. “On Monday, I will also have the honor of hosting him at Israel’s Knesset.”

It is still unclear whether the man with whom Kara met is actually a Bahraini prince. While the name of the kingdom’s deputy prime minister is Muhammad ibn Mubarak ibn Hamad Al Khalifah, the man in the picture with Kara does not resemble him. No information or news reports about the so-called prince could be immediately found on official Bahraini websites.

Last month, Kara made a controversial comment during a Likud conference, which was widely interpreted as support for warranting the death penalty for broadcasters that air “fake news.” Kara clarified that his comment was misinterpreted and when asked about his choice of words, which led to the confusion, he said: “What can I do that my mother tongue is Arabic? I need to sometimes pick quickly words in Hebrew and sometimes [I] make mistakes.”

In June 2017, Kara was in the center of a diplomatic incident with Morocco after he met with the prime minister of Morocco’s main rival, Western Sahara. The meeting took place during the inauguration of Ecuador’s president, just a few days before he was promoted to the position of communications minister, and without Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s knowledge. Kara went so far as to even take a picture with the Western Sahara leader and write on Twitter that he promised the prime minister that diplomatic relations between Israel and his country will be established.