Israeli Minister Ayoob Kara was interviewed today (Sunday) after he made statements yesterday about the possibility that robots may one day replace IDF soldiers behind enemy lines.

Minister Ayoob Kara

Minister Ayoob Kara Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Minister Without Portfolio Ayoob Kara commented in an interview with Channel 2 News today (Sunday) on the statements he made yesterday about robots replacing soldiers in the future.

“I don’t believe that I said anything new here–this is an idea that has been reported on both in local and global news sources,” Kara clarified in the interview. “I once asked the late Shimon Peres how can we prevent more soldiers from going into Gaza and Lebanon […] and he told me that we need to use technologically advanced robots that will replace IDF soldiers. I checked and it turns out that this is already underway.”

The minister noted that today’s technology has advanced so incredibly that US commanders can control planes in Iraq from headquarters in Washington, DC. He believes it’s natural that military warfare will go in this direction.

“After what happened in Gaza and Lebanon, I don’t want IDF soldiers to enter anymore,” he stated. “I want our soldiers only at the international border. I can dispatch robots to Gaza in order to fight against them and to eliminate them face to face.”