Each year, a thousand chickens are slaughtered as part of the existing kaparot mitzvah in preparation for Yom Kippur evening. The changed ceremony aroused arguments from many different rabbinical opponents but now also the Minister of Environmental Protection has called on believers to do the existing mitzvah by using money.

Difficult Abuse, Yom Kippur Tradition

Difficult Abuse, Yom Kippur Tradition Photo: Reuters

In preparation for Yom Kippur, Minister of Environmental Protection Amir Peretz told the public to stop using chickens—as part of the holiday tradition.  The existing Yom Kippur tradition leading up to Yom Kippur includes using live chickens, which fly around the head of the believers.   After that, at the conclusion of the ceremony, the chicken is slaughtered. 

Minister Peretz claims that instead of using live animals for the kaparot, do the existing mitzvah with money.    Following the holiday, animals are held in difficult conditions inside cages, expecting and conditioned for difficult injuries.   

“There are more humane ways,” Peretz

“There are more humane ways,” Peretz Photo: Channel 2 News

Following the existing tradition, many animals are brought to slaughter, many of them not in a correct way according to Jewish law, and following that a lot of the chickens are damaged and thrown into the garbage. 

“Yom Kippur is a day of self-examination and just because of this there is no place on this day to cause suffering to animals,” Minister Peretz said.  “There are more humane ways to do the kaparot tradition and I call upon the public to stop abusing animals in difficult ways.  Many rabbis over the years came out against the tradition and called upon the public to do kaparot without abusing animals.