The cabinet approved the names of the 26 security prisoners, many with “blood on their hands”, that will be released as part of an Israeli gesture for the peace talks with the Palestinian Authority

Second release wave on its way

Second release wave on its way Photography: AP

A team of ministers headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved the list of 26 terrorists that will be released as part of Israel’s commitment to the Palestinian Authority in the renewal of peace talks. These are prisoners who were incarcerated before the Oslo agreements, including murderers. The names of the terrorists that will be freed will be published tonight and after that 48 in which appeals can be submitted to the Supreme Court will begin. The prisoners will be released to Palestinian territories, during the night between Tuesday and Wednesday.

The approval of the names of those to be released arrives a few hours after the Ministerial Legislation Committee rejected a law proposal against the release. 

Bereaved families protesting

Bereaved families protesting Photography: Monis Zahalka, Channel 2 News

Bereaved families protested in front of Livni’s house: the circle of terror does not stop

At the same time, representatives of the bereaved families protested against the expected approval of the list of 26 terrorists in front of the home of Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, who is in charge of the negotiations with the Palestinians. The list of 26 is the second in the decision to release 104 prisoners, which Israel committed to do with the renewal of peace talks.

“I am protesting here because the Justice Minister intends to release murderers that destroyed families” one of the protesters told Channel 2 news Online. “It is a disaster for the whole of Israel. The circle of terror does not stop and in fact – they are still finding tunnels”. The bereaved families are preparing to petition the Supreme Court against the release.