When Miss Israel and Miss Iraq met during the Miss Universe beauty pageant, they were excited to discover that they have a lot in common. They even decided to take a picture together and upload it to Instagram in order to honor their new friendship. While Israelis welcomed the photo, Iraqis harshly condemned their beauty queen.


The “controversial” photo Photo Credit: Instagram/Channel 2 News

Miss Israel Adar Gandelsman made a new friend during the Miss Universe beauty pageant: Miss Iraq Sarah Idan. The two became good friends and even shared a picture of themselves together on Instagram. However, Idan quickly found herself in a difficult situation in light of the negative online feedback and harsh criticism she received.

Idan ended up having to upload another post today (Wednesday) in order to clarify the picture: “My stance is not a political one and I don’t support the Israeli government or its agenda. We are just sending a message of unity and peace.”

“I apologize to everyone who viewed this as a blow to the Palestinian cause, which was not my intention,” she explained. “It’s just a call for peace, hope and a solution to the crisis.”

Gandelsman also clarified that they were just trying to pass along a message of friendship. “After we talked, we realized that there weren’t any differences between us,” she told Yedioth Ahronoth. “We uploaded the picture so that the world could see that it’s possible to talk and live together.”

The Israeli beauty queen added that she has received very positive feedback from her fans. “We decided to upload a picture together even though we knew that there would be good and bad responses,” she continued. “Sarah received a lot of bad responses from the Arab world, especially from her country.”


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