A mother and her three children narrowly escaped with their lives in the early hours of Wednesday morning when a rocket fired from Gaza landed on their house in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba.

So often, media like to play the numbers game, using casualty figures as a moral barometer – if fewer Israelis are dying than Palestinians then this is somehow unfair and Israelis are clearly the aggressors goes the argument.

This, of course, fails to tell the real story and Israelis are not going to apologize for protecting themselves from murderous Palestinian intent. Indeed, the only reason the family in Beersheba survived is thanks to the reinforced safe room that all modern Israeli buildings have by law.

Rocket fired from Gaza-hits home in Be'erSheva
Rocket fired from Gaza-hits home in Be’erSheva

Unfortunately, some major media failed to file stories at all.

No reports in The Guardian, which has been obsessively consumed with the story of Australian suggestions that it could move its embassy to Jerusalem. Nothing in The Independent, which prefers to report on the demolition of a Bedouin village that hasn’t even yet taken place.

Tthe pattern was repeated in most of the UK press with no reports in the Telegraph nor even the BBC.

One UK title that did cover it, The Times of London, stuck its small AFP-supplied piece in its News in Brief section under the headline “Israel bombards Gaza after rocket hits city.”

Instead these media outlets chooses to report on the terror from Gaza with screaming headlines about Israeli military operations can only present Israel as the aggressor and the Palestinians as victims of Israeli malevolence.


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