The decision to close military cemeteries on Memorial Day for Israel’s Fallen Soldiers due to the corona crisis “is not unrealistic, but it is wrong,” said the chairman of the Special Committee on Dealing With the Coronavirus, MK Ofer Shelah (Yesh Atid-Telem), on Sunday.

The decision, MK Shelah sid, “represents something essential that has been raised in the committee’s meetings – instead of instructing the public and treating it as an intelligent public that is capable of receiving instructions and following them, they are dealing with sweeping prohibitions that cause harm.”

“I am not a member of a bereaved family, but Memorial Day is close to my heart, and I visit dozens of families of friends of my father’s, my son’s and my own. Had they said that only bereaved families may visit (the cemeteries) while upholding the (emergency health regulations), I wouldn’t visit, and I’m sure the bereaved families would prefer such a situation,” he said

“The decision is not unreasonable, but it causes unnecessary pain to many families in Israel, and it shows that the governmental echelon has not yet internalized that life in the shadow of the corona(virus) should not include only bans, but also explanations to the public, with understanding and trusting the public.”