MK Ghattas confessed to serious crimes and will be sent to prison for two years according to a plea bargain agreement that was reached. Within 48 hours, Ghattas will be replaced.

Photo Credit: Miriam Alster/Flash 90

Last week, Channel 2 News learned that a plea bargain agreement was reached between MK Basel Ghattas and the country, which officially led to Ghattas resigning from the Knesset. Ghattas will be replaced within 48 hours and his replacement will be Jamaa Azbarga, who was 14th place on the Joint Arab List.

The offenses attributed to Ghattas in the amended indictment are smuggling cellphones into a prison, providing the means to implement a terror attack, entering in documents not via the proper prison management, fraud and breach of trust by a public servant.

The Israeli Justice Ministry clarified that the demands imposed upon Ghattas were a shame “in light of the offenses as well as the nature and circumstances in which they were committed.” In addition, the prosecution is expected to impose a fine that was not agreed upon in the plea bargain. Ghattas agreed to confess to smuggling cellphones to terrorists, to resign and to be imprisoned for 2 years.