Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, of the New Right Party, has warned that the Trump Administration’s peace plan, expected to be presented after the April 9 elections will endanger new settlements in the West Bank

“From a public perspective, what matters is that the right-wing bloc is losing strength and we can have a Palestinian state in a year if the right doesn’t win,” Shaked said during an interview on TV Channel 12.

“What disturbs me now is that right-wing voters are moving to the left. What disturbs me is that Trump’s plan includes the expulsion of thousands of families from the new settlements. These are the settlements that I am now fighting to legalize.

“When I see that the right-wing bloc loses power, I turn to the right-wing voters and say to them, ‘Go home. What I care about now is saving the right-wing bloc.