In an interview with Israel’s 103 FM Radio, MK David Bitan, a former Likud coalition chairman, gave his thoughts on how the country should proceed in forming a new government.

Bitan said that the best way to move forward is to form a unified government between the Likud and Blue and White parties because it will ensure stability that neither one of them can provide alone.

When asked about who would occupy the Prime Minister position, Bitan suggested that the position be rotated between Netanyahu and Gantz. According to him, Netanyahu should get the first year, followed by Gantz for two years, and end off with Netanyahu occupying the seat during the last year.

“If they come to an agreement to rotate as prime minister, my suggestion would be that Netanyahu serve first, for the first year, Gantz serve for two years, and then the premiership go back to the Likud or Netanyahu for another year. That would depend on the results of his court case,” Bitan said

“I think this idea would solve a lot of problems for Netanyahu, for Blue and White, and for the Likud members who want to succeed Netanyahu”, he added. “Netanyahu has asked Gantz to meet with him, and Gantz preferred to meet with [Joint Arab List Chairman MK] Ayman Odeh. In the end they’ll meet, there won’t be another option.”