Meretz leader MK Zahava Galon is resigning from the Knesset after 16 years of service, but will continue to lead her party and fight for open primaries. “I love the Knesset, but I love Meretz more and I know that if Meretz doesn’t expand, Meretz won’t exist,” she explained.

MK Zahava Galon in the Knesset

MK Zahava Galon in the Knesset Photo Credit: Hadas Parush/Flash90

Meretz Party leader MK Zahava Galon announced that she is resigning from the Knesset, but not from her position as party leader. Galon made the decision in order to focus on the battle for open primaries in Meretz. Galon already explained that if she loses the decisive vote, she will resign from her position. Former MK Mossi Raz, who currently serves as the party’s secretary general, will replace Galon in the Knesset.

Galon told Knesset Speaker Yoel Edelstein of her decision explaining that she wants to “dedicate the upcoming months to her position as Meretz leader in order to change the electoral system and lead open primaries.” Next week, the election for Meretz delegates will be held and Galon will submit a proposal to begin the election process for party leadership and its delegation in December.

“Meretz can’t exist as a closed club that ignores you – its voters and supporters – and blocks the opportunity of additional forces from taking part in our battle to inject new blood into the left,” Galon wrote in a letter to her left-wing party’s members. “I love the Knesset, but I love Meretz more and I know that if Meretz doesn’t expand – Meretz won’t exist.”