​The Knesset has passed into law the use of electronic tracking devices for enforcing the mandatory isolation of people returning from abroad who wish to isolate themselves at home rather than at a government-run hotel.

According to the bill,  in special circumstances that anyone who enters Israel, or anyone who arrives from certain countries and is obligated to enter quarantine must wear an electronic monitoring device. The monitor bracelet will ensure the government that the person remains in isolation during the mandatory quarantine period.

The bracelet will monitor the wearers’ location via Bluetooth and GPS technology and connect to the users’ cell phone. The bracelet monitor will notify authorities should they violate the mandatory isolation period.

Arrivals will be tested for the virus in Ben Gurion Airport, and if negative, will be able to receive the bracelet. The bracelet can be worn on either the wrist or ankle. Those who refuse to be monitored electronically, or do not meet the requirements determined by law, will be sent to a government-run hotel for quarantine.

Certain individuals will be permitted to isolate at home without electronic supervision, such at those forhealth or humanitarian reasons. Children under age 14, or those who have been appointed a guardian, will be able to isolate at home without electronic monitoring.