New details regarding the Champs-Élysées terrorist’s criminal past are revealed. According to a police official, during the search of his house last month, a butcher knife, a mask and a camera were found. However, these were not enough to extend his arrest.


Cheurfi Photo credit: Daily Mail/ Channel 2 News

After French police revealed that the Champs-Élysées terrorist Karim Cheurfi was arrested last year for attempting to murder police officers, more details are revealed. This morning, authorities published that Cheurfi was arrested only 2 months ago, as part of a counter-terrorism investigation and a knife and mask were found in his possession. However, he was released after claiming the knives were for fishing and the mask for a party.

The French prosecutor François Molins is still trying to figure out if the terrorist acted alone. A note was found next to his body in support of ISIS. It was also discovered that while serving his prison sentence, he stole a weapon from a guard and injured him. In 2015, after threatening to murder police officers, he was identified as a security threat.

Police officer murdererd in the attack

Police officer murdererd in the attack Photo credit: Daily Mail/ Channel 2 News

“He was not on the security watch list and had shown no signs of radicalization,” stated Molins. “Despite his many years in prison.”