Yesterday we published an article noting the missing headlines in the UK press concerning the horrific Palestinian rocket attack from Gaza that landed on a house in Beersheba. That the occupants were not killed was thanks to a single mother getting her three children into their reinforced safe room with literally seconds to spare before the rocket blew their home apart.

Out of the British newspapers that did cover the incident, The Times of London published a few poorly edited sentences from the AFP wire service in its News in Brief section on the Thursday. That was all Times editors devoted to the story.

So what were Times editors’ priorities in the aftermath of the Beersheba attacks?


The following day, there was a story from Israel correspondent Anshel Pfeffer.

Hyenas in the Israeli city of Modi’in are a fun local story, and it is refreshing to read articles ‘beyond the conflict.’ 

However, why is this more important than a rocket strike that almost caused a war?

Rocket fired from Gaza-hits home in Be'erSheva

A Celebrity Wedding

The next day, another story, again written by Anshel Pfeffer, not directly related to the conflict albeit one that exposes various religious and ethnic fault lines within Israel.

However, why is this more important than a rocket strike that almost caused a war?

Israel Celebrity Marriage

Again, there is nothing wrong with covering all of Israel’s complexities, be they Arab-Jewish relationships, wild animals on the loose or any number of news items that make Israel such a fascinating place. Indeed, it is to the credit of media outlets such as the New York TimesWashington Post and The Times of London that they have hired ‘local’ reporters with intimate knowledge of the country to bring a broader flavor to their coverage and to assist bureau chiefs sent from the US, UK etc.


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