Investigations of the Manchester terror attack reveal that the attacker was under surveillance, which didn’t result in anything. Salman Abedi traveled to Libya multiple times over the past several years and was targeted by the US security services.


Abedi Photo credit: The Sun/ Channel 2 News

After the British Police published the name of the Manchester Arena terrorist who murdered 22 people and injured about 60 others, more details are revealed about 22-year-old Salman Abedi, who was identified by the credit card that was found in his pocket.

Although Abedi was under British security surveillance, it didn’t result in anything and it was decided to stop. The Mancunian studied business at a local university but dropped out after a short time.

Recently, he made a number of trips to Libya and was also targeted by the US security services, who are very involved in the investigation and are leaking information to the media. According to the US security services, the bomb that Abedi used was sophisticated and therefore it is assumed that he was related to a local terrorist cell.

British authorities are displeased with the Americans and disagreements were reported between the countries’ security services. While US authorities claim that there was a connection between the attacker and Al-Qaeda, no link has yet been found.

Yesterday, British Prime Minister Theresa May has raised the country’s terrorist alert level from ‘severe’ to ‘critical.’