The Defense Ministry is calling for Israeli hotels to open their doors to quarantined patients, especially considering the strong efforts made by the government to bring home Israelis stranded abroad, who will be required to enter into isolation.

“With the coming of the Pesach holiday, we will put in great effort to bring home the Israelis who are abroad, so that they will be at home during the holiday of freedom,” a statement by the Defense Ministry said.

“The effort is great and we call on everyone to join, in whatever field they are in. In order to temporarily house those returning from abroad in hotels, we need Israeli hotels to join this national effort,” the statement said.

The ministry is seeking hotels in the areas of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Sharon area, and the Dead Sea,. They should have at least 200 rooms in a single building.

With the infected persons count surpassing 3000, the “coronavirus hotels” may also need to accommodate patients displaying mild symptoms, the ministry said.

The request comes on the heels of Defense Minister Naftali Bennett’s order on Thursday requiring anyone returning to Israel from abroad to be checked immediately for coronavirus and then self-quarantine for two weeks.

“Corona hotels” began opening earlier this month to free up the massive overload of patients in hospitals and better serve those experiencing mild symptoms.