America issues a travel warning to Turkey just after Israel issued a warning to its citizens to ‘immediately leave the country’, from intelligence received about a potential terror threat. Last night, three were injured after an explosion in Istanbul. The incident’s background is being investigated. Shopping malls and other attractions were evacuated.

Turkey is on the terror radar

Turkey is on the terror radar Reuters/Channel 2 News

As tensions rise, America and Israel are taking action with their citizens. This weekend, Israel’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau issued a travel warning to Turkey, after receiving ‘substantial intelligence information’ about a potential terror attack at one of the country’s tourist attractions. “Leave Turkey immediately,” they told Israelis currently in Turkey. One day later, the US Embassy in Ankara followed suit, also issuing a travel warning to its citizens in the country.

Last night (Saturday), it seemed Israel and America were on point, as an explosion went off at a bus station in front of Trump Towers, located in Istanbul’s city center. Three people were slightly injured and taken to the hospital. The incident’s background is still unknown. Shopping malls near the incident and other densely populated areas were evacuated, fearing another explosion.

Immediate terror threat in Turkey

Immediate terror threat in Turkey Reuters/Channel 2 News

“The US Embassy in Turkey would like to inform US citizens that there are credible threats to tourist areas, in particular to public squares and docks in Istanbul and Antalya,” the embassy warned.