Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won the final popular vote with nearly 3 million more votes than Presidential Elect Donald Trump, yet lost the presidency because of the electoral vote. Clinton’s margin in popular votes is the largest in US history in numbers.

The most popular loser in US history

The most popular loser in US history Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

After counting the votes for the US presidential election, it seems that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s margin of victory within the popular vote proves to be the largest in raw numbers in US history. Clinton received 2.9 million more votes than President Elect Donald Trump.

The final count from all 50 states stands at 65,844,954 votes for Clinton against 62,979,879 votes for Trump. Clinton’s 2.1% surplus is the third largest margin by percentage of votes in US history. The first largest margin occurred in 1824 when the popular vote was officially counted for the first time and Andrew Jackson won 10% more votes, but lost to former US President John Quincy Adams.

Aside from receiving more popular votes than Trump, the vote count revealed that margin of popular votes was larger than what US President Barack Obama received in the 2012 elections, which he won by 389,000 votes. However, a close race in several swing states led Clinton to receive 100 less electoral votes than Obama.