The three terrorists responsible for the coordinated terror attacks in Jerusalem on Friday night were neighbors who lived in the Palestinian village of Deir Abu Mash’al. Channel 2 News’ Palestinian affairs correspondent visited the village yesterday and spoke with some of the residents about the attack.

Deir Abu Mash’al

Deir Abu Mash’al Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

On Sunday, Channel 2 News’ Ohad Hemo entered the Deir Abu Mash’al village, where the three terrorists who carried out the coordinated terror attacks in Jerusalem on Friday morning lived, and spoke with some of the residents. “I believe that most of the people support the terror attack,” said a resident. “[But] I think that it was pointless.”

“We don’t know what ISIS is. I don’t know where this claim came from,” said the mother of one of the terrorists, referring to ISIS’ claim of responsibility. The three terrorists were neighbors who left their village on Thursday, claiming that they were on their way to Al-Aqsa.

The police officers in charge of the investigation into the terror attack will need to figure out how the terrorists managed to enter Israel without permits and how they were able to get their hands on illegal weapons. “If I would have seen my son [before], I wouldn’t have allowed him to travel to Jerusalem,” said the mother of another one of the terrorists.