Lisa, a 20-year-old German, was murdered in her apartment three weeks ago. The police raided the suspect’s apartment after finding him and while searching him found a tattoo with the name of the victim and the date of the murder.

The tattoo

The tattoo Photo credit:Policia Nacional Interior/ Channel 2 News

A murder mystery in Europe was solved due to surprising evidence. A tattoo with the date of the victim’s murder was found on the suspect’s body.

Spanish police arrested the suspect of murdering his girlfriend, a 20-year-old German girl by the name of Lisa, after the German police in Bavaria first suspected him. The German police located the suspect after he took out money from an automated teller machine (ATM) in Spain and issued a warrant for his arrest in Europe before he had the chance to escape to North Africa.

He was arrested in the apartment of the country where he resided with his 1-year-old son. While being searched, a tattoo was discovered on his left shoulder that read: “Lisa-(born) 20.07.1996-(died) 27.10.2016-thanks for everything.”

Lisa’s mother found her body last week in an apartment on the border of the Czech Republic and police estimated that it was there for 3 weeks. During the investigation, police also discovered that the victim’s phone was taken from her to continue her activities on social media in order to deceive the investigators.