An owner of a pasture in the Nazareth area was shocked to discover that seven of his cows, some of them in the advanced stages of pregnancy, were stabbed to death: “This is a shocking story of murdering animals.”

Photo Credit: Let Animals Live/Channel 2 News

A herd owner in Nazareth arrived recently to his grazing area that he visits daily, where he discovered that seven of his cows were stabbed to death with a knife. Nine other cows were stabbed and wounded but survived. “This is a shocking story of murdering animals,” the herd owner told Channel 2 News.

The herd owner filed a police complaint and contacted the Let Animals Live organization in order to report the incident: “Immediately after this difficult scene was discovered, we contacted the police and the association, summoning a veterinarian.”

“The stab wounds are visible in all of the cows that were killed,” the herd owner noted. According to the veterinarian, five of the seven cows were in the advanced stages of pregnancy. The police reported that a complaint has indeed been filed and that they opened up an investigation into the incident.